Where to stay in Hollywood: Hollywood hotels / Hollywood hostels

Where to stay – Hollywood Club Crawl recommends….

We get this question asked a lot from our out of town guests, “Where do you guys recommend staying in Hollywood?” Or even for locals who want to avoid the thought of driving home after a crazy night out, here are the places we recommend sleeping off that hangover.

Roosevelt Hotel

– One of the most famous hotels in Hollywood it is over flowing with history. This is where past Hollywood elite would come to visit and even today you have a good chance of running into a celebrity or two in the lobby. Of course the rooms are beautiful but it is the over all vibe of this legendary hotel that is special. They have two great bars – one with a bowling alley and one that makes hand crafted cocktails that are consistently voted the best in LA. The attached restaurant is open 24 hours and have the most amazing 3 am burger you will ever taste. The day after, head to the pool to mix and mingle with Hollywood’s finest. If you want the complete Hollywood experience this is our number one pick.
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Loews Hotel

– Loews is connected to the massive Hollywood and Highlands shopping center. It is a modern, massive hotel and will provide everything you would expect from beautiful rooms, great service, pool lounging and of course steps from great shopping and restaurants.


W Hotel

– Where the Roosevelt Hotel is old school Hollywood, the W Hotel is new school. Both compete to attract celebrity clientele and a must visit during any tv / movie / music / sports award weekend (good luck getting a room then!) Just walking into the lobby should confirm you made the right choice in accommodation. It truly is one of the most beautiful hotels on Hollywood blvd. The lobby is connected to the popular Station Bar and if you decide to stay through on a Sunday night, the place is packed for their weekly Jazz night. Roof top pool is very close to a Vegas experience with great views of the Hollywood strip.


USA Hostels

– If you are traveling on a budget or back packing a visit to the USA, this is the top rated hostel in Hollywood. One block off of the Hollywood Blvd. you can not beat the location or the price. You can choose from a shared dorm room option or choose a private room. Free breakfast is included and so are numerous hostel activities that include tours of the city, transport to the beach and nights out. This is the most social accommodation if your goal is to meet like minded travelers.

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