Top 10 pub crawls and club crawls around the world!

Wondering what to do and where to go on your next night out? We’ve gathered 10 club/pub crawls that are not only filled wih dancing, fun and booze but an immersive way to explore a new culture and meet amazing people.

Here are the top 10 club/pub crawls you shouldn’t miss!

1. City Pub Crawl Moscow

Revered as one of the best things to do in Moscow. It is a great way to see and experience the city’s nightlife scene while meeting new people, and immersing in fun games and contests.

Tickets start at 1199₽ 

Contact +7 926 663 10 30,  or visit for bookings and enquiries.

2. Los Angeles Club Crawl

Los Angeles Club Crawl is the perfect way to explore the many new bars and nightclubs in downtown LA. Their guides know the best venues! Join and make new friends and have a VIP nightlife experience.

Tickets start at $30 USD

Contact (323) 667-6282, or visit for bookings and enquiries.

3. Pub Crawl Bangkok

Looking for bars, cocktails, drinks, dreams, disco, and a good party? Pub Crawl Bangkok has got you covered all in 1 night. Their events feature 4 of the best nightlife venues in BKK, hosted by their one of a kind team.

Tickets start at ฿450.

Visit for bookings and enquiries.

4. Bogota Pub Crawl

Heading down to Colombia’s capital? Taste the local beers as well as the staples aguardiente/empanadas and dance the night away all while learning about Bogota and experiencing authentic Colombian culture.

Tickets start at $39 USD.

Contact +57 310 8729652 or

5. London Party Pub Crawl

No matter if you are a tourist or living in London looking to have a fun night out, London Party Pub Crawl’s party-pro Hosts will show you to some of the best bars and clubs around to give you an insanely cheap and unforgettable night out.

4-person tickets are currently on sale for GBP 30.00.

Visit  for bookings and enquiries.

6. Stockholm Pub Crawl

Here’s an easy way to have fun, meet new people and explore the Stockholm nightlife. The best thing is, you will save money thanks to their great deals with bars and clubs.

Tickets start at SEK 250

Contact +46(0)76 9414488,  or for bookings and enquiries.

7. Singapore Pub Crawl

Singapore’s nightlife is surely one of the best in Asia. Packed with amazing bars and clubs, Singapore Pub Crawl will take you to the best venues. Discover the city, and meet new people around the world without worrying about breaking the bank.

Visit  for more information.

8. Tel Aviv Pub Crawl

D-tlv. not only host the best pub crawl in Tel Aviv, but they also have varied nightlife activities. If you’re looking to taste the partying and clubbing culture of this city, look no further. Tel Aviv is a beautiful city all on it’s own, but their hosts will surely take you on an unforgettable night.

Ticket costs 80 NIS (19€) online or 90 NIS at doors.

Contact +972-542264469 or visit for bookings and enquiries.

9. Seoul Pub Crawl

Also known as Seoul Gone Wild, they have a great selection of bars, quieter at the start to do meet and greets, but head down to great nightclubs at the end. The best way to get a feel of the nightlife in Seoul and connect with people in all walks of life looking to have a fun memorable night out!

Visit for more information.

10. CunCrawl

Experience the best personalized nightlife in Cancun with an all inclusive “all you can drink”, VIP entrances, reserved tables  & escorted bar crawl that includes 3 of the best bar/clubs in the area. Dubbed as the best nightlife experience in Cancun for 8 years, it’s not just a pub crawl, it’s pubcrawl on steroids.

Contact or check out for bookings and more information.