Nightclub Etiquette


Here at the Hollywood Club Crawl we receive a large number of questions regarding basic nightclub etiquette. Basics include: Dress codes, doorman, intoxication, tipping, themed events, and partying safely. We want you to have the best experience possible. Follow the suggestions below and your night will be a success.


dress code
Step 1- Dress Code:
Hollywood Nightlife is very unique and contains a large amount of history. From red carpets to dive bars Hollywood has it all. When joining us on the Hollywood Club Crawl we hit up some of Hollywood’s hottest nightclubs. Each nightclub expects its guests to abide by their basic dress codes and regulations. Each club differs in its dress code requirements while some allow hats and sneakers and others do not. We suggest if you plan to utilize our service you follow these guidelines in order to get into ALL of the venues you paid for!

For Men:
Guys this is simple. If you look in the mirror before you go out and you feel like you could star in your own rap / metal video, change. [unless the club is paying you to show up then please disregard] No hats, no t-shirts, no shorts, no flip flops. Those are the very basics. Most venues we visit require a collard shirt (preferably dress shirt not polo shirt). Jeans are ok as long as they are not overly baggy. Shoes should be closed toed and semi formal (This does not include your favorite pair of Jordan’s, Timberlands, or Sketchers) Why can’t you wear your Jay’s to the club? Because you are in a nightclub not on the basketball court. Dress up look fresh and you won’t have to worry about not getting into any of the venues we visit. You do not have to wear a blazer and tie even though I have found that wearing a tuxedo in the bathroom and standing next to the sink with a papertowl people do tip me.
For Ladies:
You have the ability to look beautiful in anything you want. Remember that! We do suggest that our groups do walk from venue to venue. If you plan to wear 6in heels you might want to pack a pair of flats for the walk. Ask the hosts when the best time to switch is and they will let you know about the distance to the next venue. Fashion over the last four years has changed (some for the better thank god). Hollywood has been known for its tight Hollywood style dresses and those will always be in fashion here. We do suggest that you wear whatever you feel most conformable in (leave the PJs at home) but please remember that we are going to some of Hollywood’s best nightclubs and you never know who might be there!
Door Man
Each venue we go to has different doorman and security staff that you will need to present a valid photo ID in order to enter. [Yes at Checkin you present an ID to our hosts.The wristband does show you are part of our group but the security staff at each venue needs to verify you are of age] Our service has prearranged our entrance into each venue but the doorman are there to stop any problems before they start. If you are pulled out of our group for any reason please, remain calm. Our hosts are there to help! I STRESS OUR HOSTS ARE THERE TO HELP! Do not flip out on the doorman, that will not help you at all. Remain calm and let our hosts help with the situation. Doorman are in general good guys once you get to know them, but they have the final say and word at their venue and we must respect that.

One of the biggest reasons a doorman would pull you out of our group and not allow you entrance into the venue is you are to hammered. (read as over intoxicated) If you sway or trip over your heels or fall when trying to walk into the club you are simply going to be pulled out of the group and not allowed in. This is no fun for anyone. When walking into a venue make sure you are not eating food, drinking anything, smoking anything or in general doing something to stand out. The excuse of (its my heels I tripped) or (screw that door guy I’m fine) and then trying to jump the rope into the club is not a good look. DO NOT EVER TOUCH THE CLUB ROPES. This is a major #fail. Our hosts work hard to get you into the venues but if you are to intoxicated we are going to ask that you go get some food and drink some water in order to try to get into the next venue. If for some reason you think the $25 wristband on your wrist guaranteed you into every venue then you are dead wrong. If you can’t stand up we can’t get you in plain and simple. Remember to pace yourself when you are drinking. If you weight 120 pounds ladies please do not take 5 shots at the first bar you are not going to make it.

You must remember that everyone working at the nightclubs we visit are doing just that – working. That for a lot of them is their full time job.They are sober dealing with someone that is partying (usually pretty hard). Patience is the biggest virtue. Get to know some of the staff they will likely treat you much better. They are very busy throughout the night. If you order a super complicated drink that doesn’t come out perfect switch to something simple. Know what you want to drink before you order. Always tip! It might have taken you 20 minutes to get your drink and the drink might be expensive but you are at a Hollywood Nightclub not hooters. Smile, enjoy the night, and always tip your bartender, taco guy, bathroom attendant, or anyone else doing a great job (insert hosts names)!

themed events
Themed Events
We throw a number of themed events throughout the year. New Years, St. Patricks Day, 4th of July, Halloween and all of them are great fun. We do ask that you please remember the dress code for each venue as it can still be an issue. You can get a little more creative but stick to the basics of the dress code above.
Bachelorette Parties We really love the energy you bring to our groups and like to help celebrate your friends big event. Please be aware that nightclubs do not let in the typical bachelorette attire you might think (no crowns or tiaras, sashes, inflatable dicks, or cheap jewelry/flashing shot glasses) Leave this for dinner and pregamming as you will be asked to remove the items in order to get into some of our venues (I know buzz kill but I would rather tell you now then later!)

partying safely
Partying Safely
One of the biggest advantages of the Hollywood Club Crawl is that you are in a group with hosts there to help look out for you throughout the evening. By yourself and want to come party? Come out and we can introduce you to members in our group that have been out with us for multiple years! We always like to encourage safe partying including watching your drink at all times. Don’t put your drink down next to a bunch of people you don’t know. Stay with the group or find a host if you ever need assistance or if someone is just creeping on you. Don’t pre game to hard and not be able to make it through to the end game. Pace yourself with your drinking abilities and don’t be the one throwing up or getting kicked out of the club for starting a fight. Go out to dance, have fun, meet new people and best of all let the worries of the week float away. Don’t end up in jail or a scene that could be posted on any #fail blog.