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This helps developers to understand how the application should behave. It also helps developers to collaborate with stakeholders to build more correct and more accessible applications. Our team of experienced testers can assist with everything from writing feature files to executing and analyzing test results. Cucumber tests are written in a language called Gherkin, which is designed to be human-readable and easy to understand. Gherkin syntax consists of short phrases that describe a particular action or scenario. These phrases are then translated into code by the Cucumber framework, which can be written in a number of different programming languages.

  • This tool will parse your .feature file and execute your scenarios.
  • In order to make testing easier and more efficient, different testing frameworks have been developed.
  • It is considered to be a powerful tool because it can help lower the risk for misunderstanding as well as the communication breakdown.
  • This framework also allows reusing code which helps to reduce the steps in other tests drastically.
  • Below is the class for multiple data sets to check the login functionality for multiple users.

In contrast, the automation test using Cucumber is created in a business domain language or in natural language, which can be easily made out by all members of the software project team. Communication is crucial for any development team, especially in the Agile team. There are usually many continuous chats, discussions, or even arguments happening among developers and testers in order to figure out what the correct behavior of a feature is. By using Cucumber, the same feature specification is now used for developing by developers, for testing by testers.

Test Automation in DevOps

Another advantage of cucumber testing is that it allows you to automate your tests without having to write any code yourself. This can save you a significant amount of time and effort, especially if you need to run your tests frequently. On top of that, Gherkin makes it easy for business users to write requirements and easily convert them into user acceptance tests. This creates a better understanding between the IT team and the business, which ultimately leads to quality software. A part of functional specifications can be interpreted as user stories that are easy to digest. Cucumber testing uses a simple, human-readable language called Gherkin to describe the expected behavior of an application.

What is Cucumber in testing

Cucumber uses step definitions to map these Gherkin steps to actual code that performs the behavior. Step definitions are written in the programming language used by the automation framework . Feature files are typically written by business analysts or product owners and given to the development team before any code is written.

What is Cucumber, and Why was it developed?

By writing tests in a shared language, everyone on the team can understand them. This helps avoid misunderstandings and reduces the need for lengthy discussions about the code. Behavior Driven Development methodology using Cucumber can be a great help What is Cucumber to developers. It provides a chance for robust and reliable testing frameworks that can be easily deployed as we have shown in this article. Cucumber tests are truly effective and can be performed as automation test scripts with a live document.

What is Cucumber in testing

Traditional forms of testing may be more siloed, with developers writing code and testers writing test cases separately. The easy readability of the Cucumber test code helps in bringing every stakeholder onboard during the development process. From testers and developers to product owners and business analysts, anyone can write behavior scenarios for the web application.

Selenium vs. Cucumber: What’s the Difference?

This is another instance where Cucumber comes to the rescue with its dependency on injection containers. Tests are written based on user stories and system behavior corresponding to the user story in English using annotations like Given, When, Then. TestingXperts is one of the 5 largest pure-play software testing services providers globally. Tx has been chosen as a trusted QA partner by Fortune clients and ensures superior testing outcomes for its global clientele. We have rich expertise in enabling end-to-end testing services for global clients across various industry domains like healthcare, telecom, BFSI, retail & eCommerce, etc. If you have business testers on the team, they would likely prefer to use Cucumber — or another BDD framework, like Quantum — since can be used without coding knowledge .

What is Cucumber in testing

The Step Definition file has an extension of “.rb” and is stored in the “step_definitions” directory of your project. This file contains a high-level description of the feature that you are testing. ” The Feature file should be written in plain English so that anyone can understand it. According to the feature file, the step definition file is created.

A Comprehensive Overview of Cucumber Testing

It’s not helpful to use the Cucumber framework when step definitions grow a lot because it gets challenging to manage them. We also treat Cucumber tests as a kind of living documentation — the source of truth for what our product does and how it does it. Rather than wasting time trying to maintain formal development / test / product specifications Cucumber tests keep specifications, tests, and code fresh and in sync.

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Check out our post on reducing maintenance for automated tests. It is difficult to manage test cases and test scripts which potentially change with monthly updates. Our team evaluates your company’s platform with a deep dive approach. Concurrent Behavior Driven Testing is the concept of using BDD features to simulate real world concurrent events.

Gherkin Language

Cucumber addresses this issue by creating a bridge between the business and the testers. With the Runner class you have the option to run either one single feature or multiple feature files. We use Watir-WebDriver to handle interactions with our web applications in a way very similar to how a real user would access them.

What is Cucumber in testing

While testing multiple scenarios, we will face a problem called code redundancy. To overcome that problem, cucumber adopted the “Hooks” practice. Cucumber executes the test scripts which are defined in a feature file. The language which is used for defining the test scripts is known as Gherkin. Gherkin assists the Cucumber in interpreting and executing the test scripts. Behaviour Driven Development allows us to create test scripts that are useful to determine whether the software Product is Successful or not.

Types of Cucumber Tests

Hook enables us to handle the code workflow and assists us in reducing the code sacking. When we are executing multiple scenarios, we will set up and cleanup webdriver for every statement. To make the web driver set up and clean up only once, we will use hooks. A feature includes the test cases under test for that feature. The feature file is used to save the feature, explanation of the feature and test cases of the feature under test. A Feature is defined as an Independent unit of a product or a project.