Junior Database Administrator DBA Interview Questions

The easiest way to find and change the default fill factor value is from Management Studio, right-click the SQL Server and choose properties. In the Server Properties, choose Database Settings, you should see the default fill factor value in the top section.

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  • We can use either the system dynamic management function sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats or a system function fn_virtualfilestats to get this information.
  • The current owner is the active node and the other nodes are passive nodes.
  • You can choose an authentication mode by changing Server Authentication on Security page in Properties of SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Analysis service is on 2382 but only if it’s a default install.

It is possible to reuse stored procedure execution plans, which are cached in SQL Server’s memory. A Function must return a value while stored procedure can return zero or n value. Whenever an insert operation will be done on Employee table, this trigger will be called and this will show the “inserted” table.

There were a lot of questions in relation to the inner workings of the files and file groups.

Hey there, this article is about Junior SQL Server DBA Interview Questions and Answers. If you are an Interviewer then also it will help you to access a Junior DBA’s skill. You can ask these questions for 0 – 2 years of experience. There were a lot of questions in relation to the inner workings of the files and file groups.

What is SQL in DBA?

Structured Query Language (SQL)

SVR Technologies give SQL Server training online at your registered time, you can choose classes where, when, and how it accommodates you the best. Allows a delay specified by the user for the time between the primary server backs up the log of the primary database when the secondary servers restore the log backup. The ability to answer SQL Server https://remotemode.net/ questions is an important skill to have when applying for SQL Server-related positions. The top SQL Server interview questions discussed in this article can provide you with some direction when preparing for an interview. Be sure to practice with sample questions to gain the confidence you need to answer any query related to SQL Server.

What is SQL injection?

This is generally done by a replica set, and these sets provide multiple copies of data with redundancy and high how to become a sql server dba availability on different servers. The benefits derived from triggers are based on their event-driven nature.

Is SQL Server DBA easy to learn?

SQL Server is one of the most complicated software offerings Microsoft has. It requires YOU have a foundation in networks, databases and programming. This wide range of skills is often difficult to obtain without rigorous learning and years of hands on experience.

Please visit this link for our video answers for SQL Server DBA Interview Questions. If you don’t see the Video Answer written in front of some of them, hover over the question, you might find the text answer. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. SQL Server 2005 databases are compatible with SQL Server 2008. The only way if we want to get a backup is by using Windows backup for option resource MDF and IDF files.

Explain the one-to-many relationship in the SQL Server database.

We will cover topics such as database design, query optimization, and security. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of the types of questions you should ask when interviewing a potential SQL Server candidate. On the other hand in Full recovery model log records are not auto removed when a checkpoint occurs, hence it supports transaction log backups along with Full and Differential. As explained above because log records are removed when a checkpoint occurs, transaction log backups are not supported when using the simple recovery model. SQL Server truncates the log only after transaction log backup. Most importantly, just like the simple recovery model, it writes all transactions to the transaction log file. Depending on the recovery model of a database, the behavior of the database log file changes.

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