Hollywood Pub Crawl Guide

Hollywood PUB CRAWL guide 2014:


We have been running our Hollywood Club Crawl tours for over 4 years now which means we have been walking, scouting and partying Hollywood bars and clubs every Friday and Saturday. That calculates to 52 weekends a year, 4 years = 416 days of drinking research (not counting the week nights and holidays we do “extra” studying).

Although we primarily target the best night clubs in Hollywood for our Club Crawls, we have a pretty good idea of a killer pub crawl line up down the walk of fame.

Our top picks:

504 bar

– This New Orleans themed bar always has a diverse crowd. If you need ideas for your next tattoo, this is the place to glance at others decisions and contemplate if that would look good on you. It is not rare to see a few mo hawks or a python wrapped around someones neck or some of the most beautiful people you have ever seen dressed to kill before hitting the clubs…diverse. Often they have a live DJ, which is rare in the Hollywood bar scene controlled by Ipods and Pandora. The drink prices are great and the drink of choice are their frozen daiquiris. We always thought that was a girls drink, but not from 504, you need to be a man to finish one of theirs. Be careful of a returning brain freeze and delayed alcohol response. Usually by the time you make your walk to the next pub on your list, the effects hit you, and what a nice feeling it is.


Rusty Mullet

– The owners here set out to run a cheap America (fu#k yeah!) bar. Naturally they went with a white trash theme. Since its opening it seems to be one of the consistently busy bars on Hollywood Blvd. With its corner location and unique theme, it is hard for any newly arrived tourist to not stop in. The drinks are cheap including over 50 shots for $5 (yep, its that kind of a bar) If you have a big crew, you can also buy a bucket, a handful of straws and race to the bottom, good luck. At night, all 20+ t.v.s are tuned to music videos and the bar becomes quite the party scene minus the dance floor.


Velvet Margarita

– one of the (not so) hidden gems of Hollywood. A popular mexican restaurant, they have $5 margarita specials every day. It does not get as wild as your regular sports bar but the vibe and energy of this place is pretty unique. Dancing skeleton dolls cover most walls and old school classic movies replace sports games on the t.v.s.


Honorable Mentions:

Big Wangs

– cheap, cheap drinks and over 10 different flavors of wings. A great stop for refueling on both booze and food.


33 Taps

– Your classic sports bar and restaurant with beautiful waitresses. It is a massive place so a great stop for large groups.


Cabo Cantina

– This is a tourist magnet. Something about a large fish bowl margaritas that instantly challenges tourists to try them.


Piano Bar

– One of the few bars in Hollywood that has live music every night. Usually an upbeat fun, jazz band. This a great spot to mix with a fun crowd, get cheap drinks and snack at the food trucks outside.


On the High end:


These should be your first stop for drinks or save these bars for a date night. DO NOT stumble into these places at the end of your drinking adventures, not cool.

W Hotel Station Bar

– Just walking into the W hotel lobby and up to this bar makes you feel like some type of Hollywood royalty. Absolutely beautiful place. It is not uncommon to see celebrity sightings here. Very nice but also good energy and good vibe. Staff is always happy to fulfill your every request.


Library Bar

– Hidden in the Roosevelt hotel, this bar hands down has the best drinks in all of Hollywood. They are not cheap but everyone should try at least one (or two) All ingredients are fresh and hand picked. Don’t dare to order a common whiskey coke. Think of the most exotic flavors and the bar tenders will not skip a beat to tell you, “Yeah, I can make that.” Whoever your drinking partner is will quickly tire of you telling them how great the drink is after every sip.

And of course if the bar scene is not crazy enough, join us on our Club Crawl tours. Remember, we are trained professionals.