New Club Crawl Website / 4 Years of Club Crawls!

It has been a long, long process but our new website is finally up and running. We originally planned to have it finished by the end of the summer September 2013 but our web designers took their sweet time finishing. They quoted us a finish date of 30 to 50 days, it took over 100 days! Way frustrating but we should be back on track now. We have checked out several HTML books from our local library and I am sure we can teach ourselves how to do all of this. Lol. We are doing our best but this could get interesting.

We are currently into our 4th plus year of running the Hollywood Club Crawls. When we first started in 2009 we use to work with a local hostel and if we had 10 to 15 people in our groups, we were loving it! Now we easily hit 100+ size groups most weekends. For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, here are some of the Hollywood clubs we visited in 2009 – Ecco, Marbella, Les Deux, My Studio, Element, and of course the Highlands! The Highlands was always the place for us to finish. We loved those guys and they loved us right back. The Highlands Hollywood club is where we first hosted our annual Winter White Party and our Club Crawl anniversary party. We would take over the outside terrace of the club and pack it with all of our past Club Crawlers. Some memorable nights at that club. Probably the last of the massive Hollywood clubs to close down, RIP.

Most of you can probably also remember our starting point for our Club Crawls for the first few years, Beauty Bar. This really was the perfect spot for us. Nothing fancy but they always had some good music playing and we could basically do whatever we wanted there. We started off doing a free group shot for everyone, which was cool when it was 20 people but as our group sizes grew, it got to be too much for the staff to prepare 100 shots (but none of them ever went undrank, we can assure you that) Sadly Beauty Bar and its staff – Graham, Bree, Jesse and the rest of the crew have all moved on. Their has always been rumors of the bar remodeling and opening up as something amazing but til this day it still stands locked and boarded up. What a shame.

The craziest thing we have learned about the Club Crawl over the last four + years is how much the locals love it. Originally we thought 90% of our groups would be all tourists. People visiting Hollywood and wanting to check out some Hollywood clubs with our hosts. Almost everywhere else that has pub crawls / club crawls, it usually consists of tourists and visitors. It did not take long for the word of mouth to spread to locals about how much fun the night was on our Club Crawls and how cheap it was (originally it was $15 for four clubs!) Our group sizes quickly grew and every weekend we were hosting several birthday parties or random groups joining us. Most of the locals told us they just wanted a hassle free night out in Hollywood. No muscle head bouncers talking crap to them, no being turned away and not wanting to pay $20 just to go in and see if a club was busy or not. It made sense. Now most of our new members have been referred by friends who have been out with us in the past. We even have some OG Club Crawlers. We have some people who have been out with us 10+ times easy. Once they hear we have added a new club, we know we will see them with a group of friends that next weekend. Love you guys! (would be cool to hear your old school club crawl stories as well, message us!)

Man, the stories we could tell about running the Hollywood Club Crawl for four + years, but I think that will have to be another blog post entirely. Thank you to everyone who has ever come out with us and thank you to all of our past hosts who have been with us – Karla, Don, Mark, Tyler, Rob, Irene, Britney, Kristy, Lisa, Ty, and our current crew Harris, Allison, Lyndsey, Kel, Jason, Carol, Holly and Jade.


(Leave us a comment or a club crawl story we can post. Who was with us in 2009? Do you remember those clubs or our original hosts?)