2018 Labor Day Club Crawl Special Event – Nightlife and Celebrations!

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Labor Day has become a multiple day, summer send off weekend that is all about road trips, cookouts, and of course… parties!!! But believe it or not, the overlooked part of the celebration is honoring the diligence of the American worker. Back in the day the average American worker put in over 10 hours a day and did that seven days a week. So if you are working hard, come take the night off and party it up with us.

2017 Crawl

We will guide you to some of the hottest bars, nightclubs, parties and venues that Hollywood has to offer. Last year we had an enormous turnout and this year we are expecting an even larger crowd!


Starting the night off at St. Felix, you’ll enjoy a great atmosphere as well as drink specials. From there we will take you to a nightlife favorite, Project LA. After we party it up a little club crawl style, we’ll guide you to the upscale nightclub Argyle. If you aren’t ready to dance… I don’t even know what to tell you. Once we break it down on the dance floor, we finish our night at one of the top Southern California nightclubs… Avalon!

St Felix

Project LA




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